Return or exchange

We are always happy to accept all your requests related to returns or exchanges .

We apply our return policy only within 5 formal working days and apply only if the product is in good condition, and in case we are able to claim the supplier with it, with the packaging and all packaging materials, and based on this, the product is replaced or redeemed within only 5 days.

It can be used or replacing products purchased through the online store by receiving through the busy service store or by contacting customer service to find out the possibility of return by shipping.

Please ensure that the returned or returned product or products comes with or with it

- The original purchase invoice when buying from the store (store or WhatsApp requests)

- Purchase invoice, in addition to the order confirmation invoice from the online store.

On return or exchange for all purchases, the accessories or products obtained through offers, special discount or free or partial coupons must be.

And if you received a defective product (such as it was delivered to you by mistake or does not match what was requested on the order confirmation invoice, or was opened before, or has any apparent damage), it can be replaced and, or the full payment made upon approval.

attention please

In the case of foodstuffs, the product (s) must be in its original packaging, with the original packaging and the trademark, without any significant deficiency in quantity or weight.

Returning or exchanging everything related to ice cream, freezers, personal care and baby products after opening it is not allowed except in the event of a factory defect or the risk of the product being valid.

It is not allowed to return or replace food products that are packed or repackaged, such as spices, nuts, coffee, cheese, and the like, after opening them by the customer.

If the customer wants to recover the value of the product, he can recover the money through customer service at our store, after our after-sales service team confirms that he has received this product.

If the customer loses his bill within three days from the time of purchase, he can order another copy hand in hand through the customer service team or by contacting:

0543870614 / Watts _ 0138331333 / T. I will send you a copy of the invoice

For more information, please contact us. We are always happy to serve you