Terms & Conditions

:Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions very carefully, and thus by entering the site, you are sure that you understand and agree to all of its terms.


BMSKSA.COM (the website), the sole owner of Busy Service Trading Company in Dammam

These terms explain how the Busy Service Company uses the information that is collected about you when you use the site.

Information is collected about you when:

Visit or interact with the Busy Service Company website or pages

- Register on the website, create a shopping list

Participate in presentations, contests, or surveys.

Contacting us, for example by writing or calling customer servic.

Purchase, order, return or exchange, or when requesting information about our products and services or on the Internet, or by using applications on smart devices

- Create an account on the BMSKSA.com website

Using social media channels, for example the Facebook page or Twitter of the Busy Service Company

Subscribe to the e-mail service or the mobile message service

Conducting a purchasing process where the information gathering process takes place

What information is collected about you?

The types of information we collect include:

The name

post address

E-mail address

Phone number or / and mobile phone number

Information on purchases / returns / exchanges

Information that is collected about you via the internet

Gathering your information helps Busy Service Corporation:

Website improvement and management.

Personalize our services to you.

Manage and operate your account on the website

Notify you of important changes to this website and the services we provide.

Understand your shopping behavior to develop and improve our products and services.

Manage offers, contests, and customer surveys.

Other sites

The website may contain links to other websites which are outside our control and do not follow or cover this policy. The operators of these websites may collect different information about you and this information may be used by them according to their privacy policy, which may differ from our privacy policy.


We use "cookies" to identify you whenever you use and revisit our electronic channels. This is done so that we can provide a more convenient and continuous shopping experience for our customers. A "cookie" is a small text file that may be stored on your hard disk when you visit our website on the Internet or via e-mail. It may include the pages you visit on our website, the email address that you came from, and also the type of browser you use. This information helps us to personalize your experience on our website and to make the marketing messages that we have more appropriate for you, in order to provide the best possible experience for Panda website visitors. We also use this information for purposes such as reporting and analysis, for example how you browse our site, and also to measure the performance of our marketing efforts, and your response to those marketing efforts.

Disclosure of your information

Your personal information is safe with us and will not be released to companies outside of the busy service for their marketing purposes.

:Return and exchange policy

We are always happy to accept all your requests related to returns or exchange

We apply our return policy only within 5 formal working days and apply only if the product is in good condition, and in case we are able to claim the supplier with it, with the packaging and all packaging materials, and based on this, the product is replaced or redeemed within only 5 days. 

It can be used or replacing products purchased through the online store by receiving through the busy service store or by contacting customer service to find out the possibility of return by shipping. 

Please ensure that the returned or returned product or products comes with or with it 

- The original purchase invoice when buying from the store (store or WhatsApp requests) 

- Purchase invoice, in addition to the order confirmation invoice from the online store. 

On return or exchange for all purchases, the accessories or products obtained through offers, special discount or free or partial coupons must be.

And if you received a defective product (such as it was delivered to you by mistake or does not match what was requested on the order confirmation invoice, or was opened before, or has any apparent damage), it can be replaced and, or the full payment made upon approval.

attention please

In the case of foodstuffs, the product (s) must be in its original packaging, with the original packaging and the trademark, without any significant deficiency in quantity or weight. 

Returning or exchanging everything related to ice cream, freezers, personal care and baby products after opening it is not allowed except in the event of a factory defect or the risk of the product being valid. 

It is not allowed to return or replace food products that are packed or repackaged, such as spices, nuts, coffee, cheese, and the like, after opening them by the customer. 

If the customer wants to recover the value of the product, he can recover the money through customer service at our store, after our after-sales service team confirms that he has received this product.

If the customer loses his bill within three days from the time of purchase, he can order another copy hand in hand through the customer service team or by contacting:

0543870614 / Watts _ 0138331333 / T.

busyman.market@gmail.com I will send you a copy of the invoice

For more information, please contact us. We are always happy to serve you

:Shipping policy

The delivery service is available through Bmsksa.com and WhatsApp busyman service for only 15 riyals

 ، and up to 10 km from the scope of the busyman service store(Al-Souq district) in the center of Dammam

The value starts from 20 riyals up to 50 riyals, with a maximum of 40 km from the store in the center of Dammam.

Please pay attention to the necessity of properly recording the request, communication and website data in order to ensure the quality of service and non-error

Before ordering, please make sure that the site complies with the terms of delivery service, in the event of a mistake in estimating the distance between the customer’s location and the location of the busy service store, the operator’s service is not responsible for not completing the delivery. 

       We will deliver your order on the same day if you order from 12 am to 3 pm and delivery trucks are available otherwise the delivery will be in the next afternoon 

Where is the delivery service available ..?

All regions 10 km away from the busy service store in central Dammam (Al-Souq District) 

And soon in all regions of the eastern region 


WhatsApp bms 0543870614